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Definition of Uncertainty in Pore Pressure Prediction

Stephen O'Connor (Ikon Science)

The course is aimed at both understanding and reducing uncertainty during well planning and design. Through discussion, you will learn how to consider both data-driven uncertainty as well as process-driven approaches. The ultimate aim is to see if Expected and High Cases can be appropriately risked such that percentage likelihood can be assigned to each.

It is recommended for any person involved in well design and for those that also act as peer-review from other departments and managers that need to understand the risks involved. 

The Uncertainty in Pore Pressure Prediction course is run in the style of a workshop and is comprised of presentations, discussion and simple exercises.  

Over 1.5 days, you will cover the following topics: 

  • Where uncertainty can arise in well planning and how to mitigate it 
  • Current industry approaches for predicting pore pressure – the good, bad & ugly 
  • Uncertainty and limitations in pore pressure algorithms  themselves
  • Determining pore pressure ramps  more accurately
  • The significance of human influence 
  • Quantifying meaningful uncertainty and how it impacts final well design and costs
  • More about this course's content and schedule.
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