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Seismic Driven Pore Pressure Prediction

  • 820 Gessner Road Houston, TX, 77024 United States (map)

Overpressured formations have been encountered in every continent in the world where exploration wells are drilled for hydrocarbons. Unexpected overpressure is a major cause of drilling hazards like stuck pipe, well kicks, lost wells and blow-outs, that cost the industry millions of dollars. Accurate Pore Pressure Prediction (PPP) plays an important role in reducing drilling risk and cost, improving wellbore stability and optimizing casing seat selection and mud programs.
Paradigm provides technologies for well log and seismic-based Pore Pressure Prediction. Geolog Pore Pressure Prediction contains a rich collection of methods and formulas for pressure estimation using a variety of well logs. With Geolog Pore Pressure Prediction, the user not only predicts pressures at selected well locations, but also creates a 1D model for 3D seismic based Pore Pressure Prediction.
QSI Pore Pressure Prediction provides technologies for seismic based Pore Pressure Prediction, including:

  • High-resolution velocity analysis
  • Geologically plausible interval velocity creation
  • Time-to-depth conversion of interpretation data and seismic data
  • Pressure volume generation
  • Pressure volume visualization and interpretation

In this technical session we shall present and demonstrate technologies and workflows using seismic velocity, with a focus on the following topics:

  • Pore Pressure Prediction technology overview
  • Velocity modeling for the purpose of Pore Pressure Prediction
  • 1D pressure model development
  • 3D pressure volume generation, visualization and interpretation