Real-Time Pore Pressure Evaluation - What's Your Plan?

Peter Gibson (Operations & Wellsite Geologist)

Operations & Wellsite Geologist with 28 years experience seeking new opportunities worldwide. Are you about to drill a HP or HPHT well?  How do you plan to evaluate pore pressure in real time to ensure that the well is drilled safely and within budget?  In the planning phase, many operators will engage one or more pore pressure specialists to generate pre-drill pore pressure models using a combination of offset well data, seismic data, basin modelling and burial history analysis to assess the likely range of pore and fracture pressure profiles.  During the execution phase, one or more Pore Pressure Engineers will be utilised to evaluate pore pressure in real time using LWD and surface logging data as input.  Few companies however will construct a detailed and comprehensive Pore Pressure Evaluation Plan.